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Thank you sweeties O 3O

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Thank you so much everyone, it means tons and tons for me <333

I honestly really hope I can let this collection grow, since ur all so awesome ; u ; <3


What story do you all want to read? ^ u ^ 

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Announcing a new OC! Adelind the dragon hybrid.

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 3:00 PM
Anyone who remember this drawing?
Contest time : Magic Knight - Adelind by Miiyu-tan

Well yea! Thing is, I decided quite some time ago to make her into a proper OC, remake her design, give her a backstory and all ^^
So for now, even tough it might be a bit confusing, I figured that I could might as well upload the story that I have written about her this far :3
I hope you guys will enjoy reading this little story about Adelind!

Oh, and this text still needs some cleaning up and editing, but for now it is more than good enough c:
So, enjoy!


Once she was a dragon, now she is a queen. Adelind is one of the most powerful beings known to all of us, an eternal spirit. Yes, she's part of the eight gatekeepers, the queen over us all.

Being a dragon once gave her strong spiritual connections and powers indeed. Of course, dragons usually can't match their powers to a real spirit. Yet as the core of her soul turned into the shape of a human, she undeniably became a spirit. Yes, a spirit is a concentration of eternal magic, the thing humans call the "soul". In a way, losing your body means becoming a spirit...but that doesn't mean any human can become a real spirit. In fact, a human needs a strong connection to magic to even maintain form after their body dies. And to become a real spirit, eternal magic is needed.

However, a soul cannot be reshaped without loosing it's body. Yet instead of reshaping, Adelind's soul parted in two - one in the form of a human and one in the form of a dragon. But the same soul is still the same soul, and the one and same soul will always try to stay as one. But two differently shaped souls cannot become one - it's the same as putting together the souls of two different beings, it would be impossible. Yes, such a thing has made many creatures plainly disappear into nothingness. But Adelind, she didn't only belong to one world. No, her human soul seeked the human world, their world, as her dragon soul sought to find peace among the world of spirits. Not being able to return to one or the other, the realm of shadows found and devoured her. Now finally part of a new world, the two pieces of her soul both got conciousness of their own. Adelind was now both a human, and a dragon, living in the wretched realm of shadows. A twisted world without boundaries, with neither hope nor despair. An empty place where both soul and body is said to be trapped for all eternity.

For several centuries she wandered the lands of that realm, lost, looking for something, anything, anyone at all. With her dragon soul since long gone, she eventually grew tired of wandering the plain realm without an end. At one point she found a fragment of eternal magic, and as she came in contact with it, her "human soul" finally got a chance to turn into a "true spirit". Eventually Adelind conquered that realm. She used her connection to the spiritual world and charged, gathered and trained her powers for thousands of years. She learned to shape her own soul and body between that of a dragon and human after her own wish, making herself a shape shifting dragon hybrid. Yet with her dragon self since lost gone, the form of a dragon was incomplete. Being aware that her dragon shape makes her weaker, she refers to stay in a human-like form.

In the end she learned to let her powers flow into the twisted and wretched world of shadows itself, which eventually made her able to control that realm. Every single inch and corner of the realm of shadows at that point belonged to her, and her alone. By doing that she did the impossible and fled back to her original world. She temporarily crushed the world of shadows and defied the human world, making herself able to enter the world of spirits, our world.

That's right. At that point she was a high spiritual being, the one and only dragon hybrid. Eventually the world itself, the divine force whom created all of us, admired the being known as "Adelind", for she crushed the rules of the worlds with her own powers and entered them with the greatest of ease. And now, she's been granted with the title of a queen. As of the realm of shadows, she can enter and leave it on her own wish; and knowing that she once interrupted the order of that realm she keeps it in balance herself. However, the change within the world of shadows was inevitable in the very same moment as Adelind's soul entered that world. Indeed it can no longer be called the "realms of shadows". It is now said to be Adelind's own world, yet it is a nameless realm, a world between worlds.

And for Adelind herself, it is still unknown what and why changed the core of her soul to begin with. Yes, even she herself fears what will happen if someone is able to interfere with her already split soul again.


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff

Yea...sorry o 3o

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 2:53 PM
I'm really sorry for my inactivity ;w;
But, alot of shit is going on in my life and well...yea.
BUT! I am still drawing, just, never, really finishing anything x3

However I am trying my best to stay active, and actually finishing drawings. But just as always, I am giving myself more work than I have time and energy for, so I just...yea. I am just being a baka x3

But what I've promised I have promised, so do not believe I will go back on my word. I will never go back on my word after all! ^^

Well, at least there are several drawings you will all see from me before the new year's, and several journals too - both about updates and story writing x3
Either way, bye for now and thank you everyone for being so patient with me! <3


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff
My new poll might be a bit confusing, however, I will soon put up a journal about all the information about it^^
I hope this will be a fun project! ;w;


Making a second page for some requests, ideas and such. It's all so that I will myself have an easier time keeping track of everything (;

:icondesopl: ~~

- Kandrigosa. Princess of the blue dragonflight, daughter of Tyrygosa and Kalecgos.…

- Setsuna, Daughter of Ysera.

Mortal form: High Elf.
Hair: Long white hair.
Color skin: White.

About Setsuna.

Mortal form: Night elf.
Skin: Dark violet.
Hair: Long dark green hair.
Also tall.

- - Our glorious pirates from Stranglethorn Raiders!
Saphayia Sunblaze and Miyuko Moonstalker :3


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