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Thank you sweeties O 3O

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Thank you so much everyone, it means tons and tons for me <333

I honestly really hope I can let this collection grow, since ur all so awesome ; u ; <3

C o u l d n ' t . r e a l l y . r e f u s e . x3

Monkey D Luffy - More Than Anime Character by renealexa
Joining the crew by Okami-Moony Together - stamp by Hele-Jaguar

Monkey D. Luffy Stamp by CamelieMimika
Roronoa Zoro Stamp by CamelieMimika Sanji Stamp by CamelieMimika
Usopp Stamp by CamelieMimika Nami Stamp by CamelieMimika
Nico Robin Stamp by CamelieMimika Chopper Stamp by CamelieMimika
Franky Stamp by CamelieMimika Brook Stamp by CamelieMimika



Draw this again! meme - Kiyoko by Miiyu-tan
Draw this again! meme - Kiyoko
Did this a while back and...yea x3
I figured that I haven't drawn Kiyoko in a really long time - so why not remake an old sketch of her? And here it is, but as a meme :3
I will eventually upload the full version of the new picture, but that's sometime later cuz I'm too lazeh for that now o 3o
Resistance is futile, Zelek by Miiyu-tan
Resistance is futile, Zelek
"...because, I really want to see you in those bunny ears no matter what!"
Well this is exactly what it looks like, a happy Yuzuki trying to force Zélek into wearing bunny ears x3
Uwaah ~ I really feel so mean uploading a picture of someone else's character before they even do it themselves...oh well, :iconkazzio: didn't say anything about it so I believe it's alright xD

First off, beyond the lake...well I had no idea what to draw in the back and I just wanted to finish the picture so I ultimately went lazy mode and just drew something terrible xD
So just ignore the horrible looking trees in the background :'3

This is once again, Yuzuki Silverfang - a high elf death knight as well as Michiru's older sister. And the male is Zélek Dawnstar, a friend's character c:
After this Yuzu's design isn't going to change very much, I have reached her final design and it differs only a little from this (her final design will probably be shown next time I draw her^^)
And oh god, the number of times I had to redraw Zélek's face...and I had so much problems with his anatomy and outfit//I just can't draw males properly x'D (slowly learning tough...:'3)
Oh well, I started this around easter but for some reason it took quite a long time before I was able to finish it...heh. *slaps my own face*.
However, this is supposed to be just outside Bloodhoof Village, the small village close to Thunderbluff :3 After all, that's where I spent all my time when noblegarden was in high spirits xD
Oh, and there's a fire a bit to the right of Zélek, but I had so little space between the edge of the picture and him that I couldn't make that clear x'3 And stupid me who still has alot to learn about lights and light source...xD
Well whatever, I spent a great load of time on this and I'm really pleased with the end result c:

I hope you all enjoy this! ^-^

More works of Yuzu/Yuui;
Yuzuki VS Grima by Miiyu-tanIce Bound By Chains by Miiyu-tan

And on a side note...I just love really long belf ears! :iconyuiwahplz:

Zélek Dawnstar © :iconkazzio:
Yuzuki Silverfang © Miiyu-tan
World Of Warcraft//Blood elves and High elves as well as Death Knights © Blizzard

I need your help! :3

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 10:30 AM
That's right! So please, get over here and help me out! O 3O

Lately I've been having a strong urge of wanting to improve; even if I keep improving anatomy on my own and keep exploring different shading doesn't really feel like my overall art or compositions are improving. It really feels like I'm lacking something in my art, but I can't really see myself what it is. :iconsighingplz:

So, I know myself already I need to learn about perspective, and I also need to learn about lights. But that's definietly not enough; and also the basics of those two won't really take me far anyway. And this is why, I'm asking all of you to tell me what you think is lacking in my art! (:
What is lacking, what you want to see in my art, how you'd recommend for me to evolve my style. It might be a way I used to draw before that you want back, or something I have to let go of. Anything really. It can also be something you think I do horribly wrong or simply look awful in my art. Tell me, just spit it out! ^^ [Just don't say something like "your art is horrible", but instead say "your art is horrible, but I think it would become good enough if you added this and this" etc.] Well you get it :3

With that said, I really hope you guys will feel like helping me out! Don't be afraid to comment, just do comment instead of doubt if you should or not. In other words; if you have an opinion about it, please tell me! ^u^

Thank you for reading this, and even larger thank you if you actually comment or note me about this topic! :iconbaibaiplz:


Journal Skin by: HeatherSchoff
Forgotten past, tainted future... [Backstory] by Miiyu-tan
Forgotten past, tainted future... [Backstory]
...what is there even left for me?
"Past and Fate"

Finally, it's done! O 3O

So, what is this picture? Well, as you might have seen in the two portraits I recently drew of Yuzuki, her appearance differs extremely much from when she was alive - and now, when she's a death knight.
Bust: Yuzuki Silverfang by Miiyu-tan Bust: Yuzuki Silverfang by Miiyu-tan

So in other words, the right side is when she was really young, while she still had her younger sister by her side :3
And the background on the right side is Yuzu's olld house//where the Silverfangs used to live. It existed in ruins of Silvermoon - of course, before it was turned into ruins.

And the left side? It's Yuzuki as she looks now. She rarely, really rarely has that outfit but I really wanted to show off her scars ^-^
Also, she always covers the right side of her face with her bangs, but I wanted to draw her burn mark too c:
And the background? The last home she had - Icecrown citadel. This is from the entrance to the raid, therefore a bit of the entrance/portal is shown ^u^

So, now, as promised; from here on is an overview of Yuzu's past, the story of her life. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know Yuzu, and I really hope you'll find it interesting enough to read more^^


As a child she had a very bad relationship with her parents, and family over all. However her 8 year younger sister meant all to her.

The Silverfang family had always been outcasts for several reasons. They lived in shame in a corner of Silvermoon - the whole clan living together in one house. Yet, even tough the whole Silverfang household were really close to each other, Yuzu was thrown away, ignored. Yes, even her mother wished for Yuzu not to exist. Believing his sister to be wrong, Yuzuki's uncle was the one who named her, who, if someone, took care of her. He was like a real father to her. Her uncle Wry'thar, cousin Kenta, younger sister Michiru along with her childhood friend Youta Val'an were the only people she had to care for her. Nothing wrong with that tough. For her, they were more than enough.

Yet the Silverfangs met their end. At one point in time, Yuzu being nothing more than fifteen years old - a large fire occurred. Deadly and devastating, it left Yuzuki, Michiru and their real parents alive. Nobody else was left. No Kenta, no Wry'thar. But most of all, Yuzu saw something that day - something which wretched her mind forever, caused her to go insane. She kept living with Michiru and their parents for five years - until she killed them.

Just barely she left Michiru alive. In the last moment, before striking Michiru's neck, she came back to her senses. What she saw? Her beloved sister crying out to her in fear. Just barely able to make out what had just happened, Yuzuki embraced her younger sister and asked for forgiveness. Of course she was forgiven. "As long as big sister's here to take care of me, why should I be afraid?" the young Michiru spoke with tears in her eyes and a shaken voice. As they promised each other not to let such an event happen again, they both moved to Youta Val'an, who gladly stood by their side no matter what.

Yuzuki was eventually forced to leave her sister's side. That because of a deal her mother made a few days before she got killed, by letting her own daughter become a servant for Takashi, a man of the Dawnstar household. That was something which would change Yuzu's life forever. One day a couple of Takashi's guards brought Yuzu with them, merely telling Youta he had no right to go against the orders of a nobleman. Yuzuki, knowing there was nothing she could do to help herself, willingly went with the guards. "Say, Val'an...promise me you will take care of Michi instead of me, right?". With tears in his eyes, Youta nodded at her words and bid her farewell.

Not knowing what was awaiting her, Yuzuki was brought to Dawnstar Village, but in truth as a slave instead of a servant. Yes, she was treated with cruelness and was taught to become a weapon. She went through harsh training, which with time made her into a strong warrior. Two swords were her weapons, and she was sent out in battle whenever the opportunity was given. But as you all know, "no rest for the wicked". Even after the incident with her parents and Michiru, Yuzu's insanity kept kicking in time from time, having her go on several killing rampages. Takashi, her "master" was well aware of that. Determined to keep toying around with his little puppet, he punished Yuzu over and over again. Endlessly sending her out in battle was one method, putting her through harsh training was the second, and the third? Well, he is the man who caused the large scars across Yuzu's back after all. With time Yuzuki learned to become emotionless; she was taught to be nothing except a weapon, a tool. She learned to admire her master somewhat like a god. Every order he gave her became her wish, a wish she would accomplish even if it caused her own death.

But everything has it's own end, for good or for bad. For Yuzuki, it would eventually cause her own death. One day Yuzu's mind shattered completely, just like the time she killed her parents. This time? She murdered her own master. After that she fled. She sneaked on a boat and wasn't seen until five years later. She was found by men who used to be Takashi's personal guards, and those guards brought her back to Dawnstar village. She was gonna be put up for execution, but those plans got ruined. Around the time, Arthas' invasion on Silvermoon had begun. The weak, wounded and starving Yuzuki was instead given her old swords back and was sent out in battle against the undeads of the Scourge. Yes, the very same invasion as when the dead scar was created. But it was not the scourge who killed her, no. It was a boy from the Dawnstar household, who wanted to avenge Takashi. When he saw Yuzu, the killer of a family member, he was taken over by his own rage and killed her at the spot. He charged a powerful fireball and hit her with force. She fell to the ground, barely able to move. Her already weak and injured body quickly gave in as she suffered by pain until death. There she died, next to the battlefield, with a precious pendant close to her heart. Yes, a pendant she was once given by Youta, Michiru and Kenta; a precious belonging she had kept ever since before the Silverfangs were killed in the fire.

Her body was brought along with the Scourge after the battle ended, and she later on got rescurrected as a death knight. The loyalty she once had to her master was easily given to Arthas instead. In time the mind control faded, but she kept her loyalty to Arthas anyway. Without anything to return to, without hope, without memories, and without a life...she decided she would follow her king for all eternity. But after the battle at Light's Hope, when a large group of death knights were freed, she returned with them to the horde. Why? Because finally, something within her said that she would return. But to where and why? Never did she know.
She wandered alone for a long time, without friends, allies or family. What was left for her? She deeply regretted the choice of leaving her master's side, but felt too ashamed of having betrayed him. She wished to return, she wished to serve him once more. But...she couldn't.

Miraculously, she came across a person, another death knight who made her life change greatly. For the first time in almost eighty years, for the first time since she was forced to leave Michiru's side, somebody showed her kindness. A man, who also had his life robbed away from him, someone who also searched for a place to belong. Eventually she decided to stay by his side instead. On his request she aided the death of Arthas, and remained by the kind man's side. With time, mostly thanks to him, she started regaining her emotions. Even tough she doesn't really understand the concept of "emotion" it's not like she can't feel it anymore. That's right - pain, joy, anger, sadness...he helped her regain those things. Still being an emotionless death knight, whenever he's around she's finally like a living being once more. And that man's name? Zélek Dawnstar.

What kind of art would you like to see me do? O 3O 

14 deviants said World Of Warcraft O 3O
8 deviants said OC's (including short stories about the characters)
3 deviants said Anime Fanart (comment which one o 3o)
3 deviants said Vocaloid ~ <w<
3 deviants said RPG Games (such as corpse party, misao, IB, witch's house etc.) OwO
1 deviant said League Of Legends > w <
No deviants said *comment* Q 3Q

A b o u t . m e ~

Hello Hallow by Emoji-kun

I'm just a random drawing-lover at 15 years c:
I really love cute and sweet things, as well as dark and descent. I'm a big fan of manga and anime ~ really, you could just call me an otaku if you want to :icondummylaplz:

Currently I'm just drawing as a hobby, but I surely want to become a mangaka someday ^-^
Despite the manga world, I love playing games like World Of Warcraft, Perfect World, League Of Legends and others - as well as Assasin's Creed, Call Of Duty, Alice Madness Returns etc. > w <

I really love getting to know new and friendly people, so don't be scared to write anything to me! ^^
And if you want to ask or tell me anything, I'm just a note away Robu 2 by Emoji-kun


Pagedoll Kiyoko by Miiyu-tan

Thank you all for supporting me by adding faves, leaving comments and watches. It means alot to me, thank you all so much! ; u ; <33




Making a second page for some requests, ideas and such. It's all so that I will myself have an easier time keeping track of everything (;

:icondesopl: ~~

- Kandrigosa. Princess of the blue dragonflight, daughter of Tyrygosa and Kalecgos.…

- Setsuna, Daughter of Ysera.

Mortal form: High Elf.
Hair: Long white hair.
Color skin: White.

About Setsuna.

Mortal form: Night elf.
Skin: Dark violet.
Hair: Long dark green hair.
Also tall.

- - Our glorious pirates from Stranglethorn Raiders!
Saphayia Sunblaze and Miyuko Moonstalker :3


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